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#nflprotest of course #BlackLivesMatter lets challenge these people kneeling 2 give 50% of their salary 2 help edu… https://t.co/LcKlku8gGm

@realDonaldTrump why has the National Guard not been sent to Puerto Rico?- see 2 Degrees point of no return documentary... future is now!

RT @EnvDefenseFund: Warmer oceans mean stronger storms. Our climate is being destabilized. We need to address it. https://t.co/MgLYLUVT8b

Yah, I caught that.. I was wondering if anybody in the assembly caught it - or they just wrote it off as Lost in Tr… https://t.co/Soz8ATUe3x

@realDonaldTrump thank you for telling it like it is with Nations that threaten us. #UNGeneralAssembly

@realDonaldTrump nothing is going 2 b in your power if u don't take steps 2 prevent #2degrees #climate #Weather disasters r a wake-up call