Quilted pillow roll, read on about a gift that kept on giving!

Zentangle Fun
My grandmother once told me it was always better to give than receive. It is so true. The gift is really about making someone happy or bringing joy.

Zentangle is so fun and therapeutic I wanted to share. So, for my good friend's birthday, I gave her about half a yard of plain zentangle fabric with some colorful fabric markers. I told her the gift came with a stipulation: for her to color it in and return it to me. About a month later we got together and I was happy to see she was enjoying coloring the zentangle fabric. After a couple months, I did receive the fabric gift back. I quilted it and made it into this fun zentangle pillow roll. I'm excited to gift it to her again just in time for Christmas :)

This is one of the best gifts ever... I gave and received!
Happy day,
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