UFOs (un-finished obsessions) Many quilts are started with passion and never finished. I can help...

Take the Challenge! In the next couple weeks look through closets and boxes for those unfinished projects. Maybe you have an heirloom from the 70s or even the 50s your Great Aunt Sadie made.

I can finish it for you... or help you get started. Let me know more about your project.

The photo above is a garage sale rescue. At the sale, I looked past it and picked up another pieced quilt to purchase. When I went to the checkout the lady ask if I saw the other quilt. I replied, "Yes, but didn't really care for the colors." She asks if I would take it for a small price and I couldn't say NO. It is amazing though, how every quilt is beautiful in its own way as I discovered when I decided to finish this one. It is called double Irish chain and was all hand pieced. Funny how you grow to appreciate the work of the original quilter and wish you knew more. When it was completed I fell in love with the double Irish chain.

 Close-up quilting pattern

Contact me with your unfinished quilt project and we can finish them for years of enjoyment.

Really Designer - Sandy