Metaphor Quilt for I've Decided Event Metaphor Quilt for I've Decided Event

Branding YOU... Tell Your Story with a Fabric Metaphor Art Quilt. A great visual for social platforms. 

Quilted Art That Tells a Story... 

What is your story? metaphor? Now you can say it in a unique visual fabric metaphor art quilt.

The photo above is a Metaphor Art piece created for "I've Decided, events, Peoria IL. I've Decided, inspired and founded by Kim Martin motivate, inspire and help people transform by going after their dreams. Really Design brainstormed with Kim to create a special Metaphor Art Quilt for her events in 2017. A metaphor image incorporates elements of the transformation process, logo and iconic image of the horizon. The metaphor art is an inspiration with interaction as the attendees could sign the border of the quilt to proclaim their "I've Decided" action at conferences throughout the year. Many also found it a good selfie station. 

Let's get started on your story. What is your Metaphor?
Some may have a distinct image that represents their company, organization, service or event. Some may need to find the image...

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