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What is a legacy quilt? A legacy quilt brings together memories and tells a story. A legacy quilt can incorporate a mix of memorabilia and help bring items out of boxes to be showcased. The list of things that can be incorporated into a quilt is neverending.

  • keepsake
  • garment
  • photo
  • linens
  • vintage fabric
  • mementos
  • t-shirt
  • baby clothes
  • memorabilia
  • jewelry 

Mini Legacy Quilt

What does a hawaiian skirt, a vintage photo, a wedding dress and a poem have in common? They were a part of several boxes of keepsakes being saved for future relatives to behold. I was looking for a way to showcase the memories now. I also wanted a keepsake in case those boxes got lost or undiscovered in the future. I love nostalgia, but my heirs may careless about that "junk" in storage!  

The mini legacy quilt shown was created in honor of my mom. Creating a legacy quilt or also known as a memory quilt, gives me a connection to the past. It also makes something special to cozy up with or display on a wall.  

This legacy quilt brought together clothing and keepsakes my mom passed down to me and a fond memory we shared together one special day.

With todays technology almost anything can be printed on fabric. This allows for many things that may dinigrate over time to be preserved further. Old is new again. New fabrics were also paired with old to get a vintage to modern design.

  How to Prepare for a Legacy Quilt

If you would like to have a legacy quilt created, the first step is mindset, then research and then gathering materials. 

It takes commitment to plan a legacy quilt. So first you need to have it in your mind... thinking about memories or the story you want to convey. Set aside a week or two, so each day you can look through boxes and closets. You may have to tap others to find a photo or special keepsake. Be thinking about the story you want to tell.

Your research will take time. Going thru keepsakes and pulling out the ones that speak to you will get you started. Many items invoke memories. Get a separate box to collect the ones that fit a theme or just ones you'd like to share. When you have your memories gathered... it is time to brainstorm. 

This were REally Design can help. We help you organize those memories and start to form a story. Final stage will be to decide what will go into the quilt, a cohesive design and cost estimates.

What a quilt will cost isnt cut and dry, because there are so many variables in a custom design. What is the approximate finished size? How many elements will be incorporated? How many prints to fabric? How it will be quilted? These are all part of the final design decisions.

Designs start at $150
If you have a budget we can find the options that fit your price range.

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