Revive those precious memories... Let's get it started.

T-shirts quilts are a classic way to save those precious memories of activities in one's life. Cherish those memories every day with a cozy quilt. Whatever your passion your t-shirts say it all!

If you're ready to preserve and display your t-shirt collection start with the three steps below.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your T-shirt Quilt 

First Step -  Dig out those Ts. Start a box or basket to collect them in. Only you know where they may be packed away. Finding those long lost Ts is a good excuse to clean out drawers and closets.
Once you have your collection... you can narrow down choices and determine your final quilt size.
Example: If you have dozens of Ts but just want to showcase a few of your favorites. You might decide on pillows or a small throw. But if you have a dozen or more then a T-shirt quilt or throw would be a good choice.

  • Sort by color
  • Sort favorite to least favorite
  • Sort by category ie. sports or organization or passion 

Second Step - Consider what size your T-shirt quilt will be according to what you would like to do with it.

  • Display in den
  • Show off in living room 
  • Fold on the end of the bed
  • A throw for cuddling 

Third Step - Decide on your budget. As the quilt gets larger, the cost is more. 

Type #Ts Size Starting Cost
Pillows 1 -3 varies on how many pillows and size min $42 per single pillow, includes design 
Wall Hanging 6-8 32"X32"  starting $175
Lap Quilt 12-14 36"X48" starting $195
Bed Throw  12-20 40"X66" starting $230
Custom     set your budget and we can fit a design to it

The quilt below is a very modern and clean design with white sashing and simple blocks. 

T-shirt quilts can be a variation of this basic block design or a very organic, custom design like the sample below.

If you're ready... let's get started and create a t-shirt quilt for you or a special person in your life. 

Sandy Sanders