Revive those precious memories, 3 easy steps to get started.

T-shirts quilts are a classic way to save those precious memories of activities or connections in one's life. Three easy steps to getting started...Cherish those memories every day with a cozy quilt. Whatever your passion your t-shirts say it all! Many Ts aren't worn for various reasons, but you can't throw them out because they connect to your precious memories. Preserve and display your t-shirt collection. RE-use T-shirts in a quilt or wallhanging that keeps those memories close.

Three Easy Steps to your T-shirt Quilt 

  1. First Step -  Dig out those Ts. Start a box or basket to collect them in as you find them. Only you know where they may be packed away. Good excuse to clean out those drawers and closet and find those long lost Ts in the process.
  2. Second Step - Consider what size your T-shirt quilt will be. How many Ts do you have? This could help narrow it down and help determine your size. Example: If you have dozens of Ts but just want to showcase a few of your favorites. You might decide on pillows or a small wallhanging. See listing below as to how many Ts you need.  Also, where you would like to display or use it in your home to get the most use or exposure will help determine the size. Example: if you want to use it every day for all to see you may want a lap size to keep in your family room. 
  3. Third Step - Decide on your budget. As the quilt gets larger, naturally the cost is more. 
Type #Ts Size Starting Cost
Pillows 1 -5? varies on how many pillows and size min $38 per single pillow, includes design, 
Wall Hanging 6-8 32"X32"  starting $235
Lap Quilt 9-15 36"X60" starting $295
Bed Throw 12-20 40"X60" starting $330

T-shirt quilts can be a variation of the basic block design or a very organic, custom design. The quilt below is a very modern and clean design with white sashing and simple blocks. 

The chart below gives you an idea of design, finished quilt size, how many shirts you need and approximate cost. 

Let's get one started for you or a special person in your life. 

Sandy Sanders

Decide on your budget this may help decide which size will be best