RE-use and display your prize ribbons in a quilt.

This special memory quilt brings together all the recognition of accomplishment from competition.out of storage boxes and into the limelight. Anyone that has worked hard in a competition usually has award ribbons. A client of mine has entered her five Shih Tzu dog family in competitions for years and has many accolades. The only problem was... they were all in boxes. She wanted to display them and be able to enjoy and share her successes. We brainstormed and reviewed creative ideas for showing off her prize ribbons in a sewn creation. We decided on a quilt.

The prize ribbons varied from first place to entry recognition. We sorted them by colors and found an existing design that would be optimal to show all the ribbons. This Prize Ribbon Quilt was the perfect answer. It brings all the memories and recognition of accomplishments of competition together. The ribbons are integrated into a beautiful herringbone pattern which makes up 100% of the front of the quilt. It can be a display on a bed or as a wall hanging.

This quilt was very fun to create. If you have ribbons and would like them displayed in a creative way. Let's get it started!

Sandy Sanders

**The design is based on a quilt seen on Pinterest account: ScarlettsDress.