A metaphor can Tell Your Story in visual form with fabric art. Enhance your organization's branding message...

Your company or organization can use many words to relay their message. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let a fabric art piece say it for you.

A metaphor paints a picture that helps the reader envision by implicit or hidden comparison."

Help your audience envision your message with a fabric art piece.

Your Metaphor Art Piece

What is your metaphor?

  • You may already have a strong visual that would translate to a Fabric Art piece for branding. GREAT!
  • If not, we brainstorm together for the best visual metaphor image that would represent your organization.
  • We will consider where you could integrate your visual piece into your branding or marketing events. 

Metaphor Samples

Metaphor Art Quilt for Really Design

Rise and shine… design. Because I rise every morning to design with fabric, the sunrise fabric art represents me and what I do.  ­­­It is my metaphor! Another metaphor that relates to this image is my pen name, Kacadodl.  When the sun rises… what do you hear? A rooster crowing, cock a doodle doo. The crowing and sunrise are my metaphors for a new day to work toward creating great design and a better world.

Another fabric art sample is shown below. The photo is a Metaphor Art piece created for "I've Decided, events, Peoria IL. I've Decided, inspired and founded by Kim Martin motivate, inspire and help people transform by going after their dreams. Really Design brainstormed with Kim to create a special Metaphor Art Quilt for her events in 2017. The metaphor image incorporates elements of the transformation process, logo and iconic image of the horizon. The metaphor art is an inspiration with interaction as the attendees could sign the border of the quilt to proclaim their "I've Decided" action at conferences throughout the year. Many also found it a good selfie station.  

What visual represents your message or motto? What image would be a unique presentation of your mission, tagline or goals? Let’s work together to create your fabric metaphor.

Sandy Sanders

A Fabric Metaphor Quilt is:

  • a nice statement piece for your office
  • a creative promotion at a conference or trade show
  • a corporate id for events you host or attend
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Founder of the motivational conference, I've Decided, Kim Martin, wanted to relay the idea of making a commitment to a goal (decide) by using the metaphor, "sticking your stake in the ground." REally Design created fields in the sunshine to go along with the stake in the ground theme.


Founder of I've Decided, Kim Martin

The metaphor quilt was a great interaction piece for attendees to sign and a great selfie station for social media interaction.