RE-create a treasured heirloom with old T-shirts. Start today.

RE-vive those memorREies from school experiences, sports or special interest and make a great keepsake. A T-shirt quilt made from past Ts are a great way to keep all those memories as part of your everyday enjoyment. 

Photo shows a basic layout of 3 by 4 t-shirt fronts. The Ts were favorites from a graduates collection over the years. This size makes a nice throw quilt for den or on the end of a bed.

Basic quilts start at $195

Get Started Today

  1. Dig out those old T-shirts from boxes or dresser drawers
  2. Pick out your favorites and most memorable.
  3. Think about what size quilt you could make from the shirts you have
    - Throw size, approximately a dozen Ts
    - Twin covers the top of the bed, like a comforter.
  4. Think about other options: If you just want to preserve a few shirts? Ts can also be made into pillows, bags, and totes. 
  5. Reserve a Free consultation time to discuss design options and color schemes.

T-shirt quilts are the best!  Recycle and RE-create with Ts.

Let's get it Started...  Sandy Sanders