Quilted Art That Tells a Story - Inspired by = freshwater fish. Men's shirts were Re-used to for this unique art quilt.

Really Design is exploding with design ideas. Create and re-create with fabric, ideas range from art quilts, legacy quilts, fashion and accessories to furniture and home dec. Combining recycled textiles and vintage fabrics with new textiles for a vintage modern vibe.

Zoom in Aquarius

Featured photo: Many visits to fresh and saltwater aquarium shops inspired the fabric art quilt, (Zoom in Aquarius, above) I think my husband is part fish, he loves to fish, fishing and being in or near water.  As he and I explored the aquarium shops for our fresh water supplies I would marvel at the color patterns of the fish. Some fish are very flashy, while others have beauty in their subtle markings. Zoom in Aquarius was created using found fabric from used men's cotton shirts. Some fabric was dyed to get a variety of blue colors. The fish and background came to life using a combination of quilting techniques. Really DesignLet's get started to create a unique statement piece. In a quest to reinvent "traditional" I find ways to reuse old clothes and to re-purpose vs trashing. Save memories in a sewn creation so you can enjoy and share daily... Legacy Quilts. T-shirt Quilts. Memory Quilts.

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Sandy Sanders - Really Design, owner & designer 

My designs are inspired by nature, texture, techniques and the power of intention. Many designs using fabric were inspired by various special occasions resulting in: creative wall hangings, quilts, pillows and specialty items. The process of creating a new piece is exciting! Most of my projects incorporate reuse of existing fabric, some vintage… jeans, t-shirts, curtains and old clothes, but I also love to incorporate new with the old. Creating something beautiful, clever, or useful from fabric is the best… because the possibilities are endless.

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