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Kacadodl Directory features companies, businesses and organizations that
create a more sustainable community via product offerings, services and /or their philosophy of business.  Many of them, in our opinion "rise and shine" above the rest, so let us know your opinon by adding your rating.  Please let us know of any inaccuracies or broken links, update. 

3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Resources to help you with the 3Rs, recycler resources and more in this category.

redesign - repurposeCreative / Artist

Featuring creative use of recycle / repurposing. Along with artist that recyle or reuse in their creation process. We feature companies with creative solutions, re-purposed items and more.

Energy - Businesses and organizations related to energy, renewable energy, saving energy.

Green / Businesses - Businesses or products that use sustainable Philosophies in their processes and or products.


LEED green home buildingBuilding Green - Contractors, supplies, LEED professionals, products for building a green home

healthy lifestyle and living healthyOrganizations and businesses that promote personal wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, without harming the planet or its' inhabitants!

Local /Food / Businesses - local products and services, local farms, produce, meat and products highlighted in this category.