Baby Grand Piano Desk - RE-purposed

This statement piece is one of a kind. A piano at end of life can't make music, but it still has a lot of character! The beautiful wood is a lost resource unless it is RE-purposed.

Available now - Piano Desk - $2,750 - custom made from 1930 Shiller Baby Grand  call for details to purchase  248.783.6647



Really Design - creates quilts that tell a story

Quilts Created for You - Memory / Tshirt / Art / Traditional / ReUse
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Really Design will be the guest artist at two 4th Fridays this summer in Morton.

Sandy Sanders, Quilt Designer will take you on a journey of memories, passion & purpose. Learn more about "Quilted Art That Tells a Story"

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Looking for a unique way to tell your company story? Reflect your Story in Fabric!

Revive those precious memories... Let's get it started.

Memory Pillow... Highlight your Hero, honor our Military men and women.

Quilted pillow roll, read on about a gift that kept on giving!

UFOs (un-finished obsessions) Many quilts are started with passion and never finished. I can help...

Quilted Art That Tells a Story - Inspired by = freshwater fish. Men's shirts were Re-used to for this unique art quilt.