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Sugar and spice and everything nice; snails and shells and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys and girls are made of. Right? This nursery rhyme is stuck in my head: Humm, my amateur psychologist mind adventures to say maybe that is the problem... we need to think about what we are made of and it isn't sugar. We need a new rhyme for all: nutritious and wholesome and oh yah... REAL! Not processed. 

When shopping I now think about and investigate all foods that I buy. I am thinking about several things with a product. Is it local? If the company is into sustainable practices in creation or production of the product. Is it the best? One of the first products I found myself curious about was eggs. 

Eggsland Best – I have been buying this brand of eggs for quite a while. They tout higher nutritional value which is why you pay a little more. They fed the chickens real food that equates to better quality egg. I was although curious about their packaging. It seems like they would also be conscious of cradle to cradle packaging.  Why do they use the polysterine (not recyclable in our area) package? So I decided to ask them some questions. 

They are local – Eggsland has a farm in Germantown and Donovan, IL  - great, really close…  but then when I called the company to confirm where the eggs I bought locally came from… they said Ohio. I was puzzled. Turns out I purchased them from Kroger and their distribution center is closer to OH, so it is a matter of logistics for a bigger store, say Kroger. But other stores in the area may get directly from local supplier.

How can you tell if your eggs are from the Local Farm? – Check the top line of numbers above the expiration date.  If it starts with P782 it is from Germantown. 

As for the packaging - The main reason the company uses the white polystyrene is for quality, (less breakage and to keep the eggs at a better temperature) They do use some hard plastic No. 1, which is made from some recycled plastic and is recyclable in our area and some of their brown eggs come in recycled cardboard containers. Some stores are collecting the polystyrene containers to send back to the producers for recycling. Ask your local store if they collect polystyrene cartons and let them know you encourage this. If your store does not collect and recycle foam egg cartons, you may send clean Eggland’s Best cartons to our carton manufacturer at: Dolco Packaging, PO Box 1005, 2110 Patterson Street, Decatur, IN 46733-5005. Farmer’s Markets are also a good place to put egg cartons to good use. See if a local farmer could use old cartons for his or her eggs.


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