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Have you seen the movie "Lincoln?" It is amazing the division of mind set our country had 150 years ago, but the President did what he knew in his heart had to be done. Are we experiencing something just as epic right now?

In refection of the movie, I posed the question: “Is America now facing a similar dilemma as Lincoln did? Bam, it hit me! Of course, climate change is our great divide. On the surface it may not seem that way, but we had one party wanting to bring jobs to America in part by opening up a huge flood of energy related jobs. Which I want jobs of course, but we need clean energy and addressing climate change head on will do that. I am emotional as I write this to you... as I now know in my heart as Lincoln did that this is the time to make history. We need to take a stand, go through the processes of changing our culture to not only make America stronger, but the world. We need our President to say it, believe it, and make climate crisis our number one priority.

Now is the time to take action on the climate crisis. The science is convincing enough. And, as we've seen with record droughts, heat waves, temperature records shattered and the devastation from extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy, (maybe having my name associated with the devastation forced me to look more closely) the dangers of climate disruption are all too real for millions of Americans.

What is in your heart? I just sent this blog post to President Obama and ask him to help lead the fight against climate change by making a declaration that America will lead on reducing emissions. I ask him to fight to clean up dirty power plants, build on energy efficiency innovations, say no to dirty fuels like tar sands and scale up clean energy. I believe these declarations will set a new wave of innovation to create jobs.

If you would like to write the President, here is an quick link to take action.


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