19 Apr 2018

I am excited to announce my new quilt series named Teignmouth Electron – Textures will debut at the Fondulac Library in East Peoria, IL.
Starting April 19, through May 21, 2018

Curiosity and a serendipitous encounter started me on this creative quilt journey.

15 Sep 2017

I am very excited to announce I will be a guest artist at the 4th Friday event in Pekin this month (September 22.) Chris Dunn, owner of idunnthat Photography Studio invited me to display my quilted art at her shop at 401 Court St. Pekin. 

press release:

Really Design
rise & shine… design
Really Design offers creative quilt services by Sandy Sanders, designer, and publisher. Sandy brings together her many passions: Quilt Design, Creative Marketing, and Sustainability Issues to "redesign a better world."  Her quilt designs that tell a story will be featured at “idunthat” Photography Studio, Downtown Pekin for the 4th Friday Tazewell Art Group event. The display will begin September 22nd and continue through the month of October.

01 Jan 2017

Really design


Really Design is born 1.1.2017.

RE-use, RE-cycle, RE-invent, RE-create, RE-imagine… these are a few of my favorite things.

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