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"REally Design (my business) and kacadodl (social media pen name and sustainability related issues) are a combination of my passions. 

Just In, includes updates and personal thoughts of the day on topics and what's trending."

Sandy, iB my signature on articles :)  hope you enjoy exploring with me.

I like to post updates in all areas of interest

  • Creative Design, RE-design and Quilting
  • Repurposing projects and product design
  • Focus on Food - Gardening, Local, Sustainable and Nutrition
  • Sustainability issues - 3 Rs, Reduce. Recycling. Reuse. along with Energy, Home, Green Lifestyle Topics
  • Businesses and Services of interest in central Illinois

More about REally Design

With the help of family, friends and colleagues I discovered RE in all the things I do… Really. So, in an effort to rebrand all I do into one unit. REally Design was born 1.1.2017. REally Design is a compilation of my passions: Quilt Design, Creative Marketing and Sustainability Issues. I combine my business and interest together to rise and shine… redesign a better world. This tagline goes along with my mission to promote, support and engage in sustainable ideas.

REally Design =  Kadodl Creative Services, Kacadodl, Creative Quilt Services (all in one place now) at Real-ly.com. 


All The Latest is our landing page and visual diary of projects that RE-use, RE-cycle, RE-create, RE-imagine, RE-purpose and RE-vive memorREies.

Kacadodl is more focused on sustainability efforts – It is my pen name for all social media. The REally Design website host our local green directory for people, business and organizations.

For the last decade I have learned so much about sustainability issues from recycling, to energy, to green building. I obtained the LEED Green Associate credential (7/2009 to 7/2015) that gives an understanding of the most current green building principles and practices. Kacadodl was created originally as a green online resource to relay all that I learned about the people and organizations in central Illinois, Use our word cloud tags to find archives of the many topics and issues of sustainability we have covered.



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