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Memory Pillow... Highlight your Hero, honor our Military men and women.

Quilted pillow roll, read on about a gift that kept on giving!

UFOs (un-finished obsessions) Many quilts are started with passion and never finished. I can help...

Quilted Art That Tells a Story - Inspired by = freshwater fish. Men's shirts were Re-used to for this unique art quilt.

A metaphor can Tell Your Story in visual form with fabric art. Enhance your organization's branding message...

Branding YOU... Tell Your Story with a Fabric Metaphor Art Quilt. A great visual for social platforms. 

Tell Your Story and bring memories together with a legacy quilt. Call today to get started...

Revive those precious memories, 3 easy steps to get started.

RE-use and display your prize ribbons in a quilt.